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Rhythm and Strumming

In this course we look at the fundamentals of rhythm, and how we can apply that to strumming. After completing this course, you will be able to confidently take on any strumming pattern and also be able to write your own.

An introduction to lead guitar course

Introduction to Lead Guitar

In this course we will introduce you to lead guitar playing. We will work on basic picking technique, scales and improvisation concepts and ideas.

Finger Independence and Picking

In this course we will work in depth on finger independence and picking skills. The course is made up of 3 modules with progressively more complex patterns to work on. We methodically work through every possible finger pattern that your fret hand can make, and build those simple combinations into more complex patterns.

Introductory Music Theory

In this course we will look at the fundamentals of music theory. The ideas and concepts in this course will be vital for understanding improvisation, composition, songwriting, writing your own solos and a host of other topics.

Reading Music for Guitar

In this course we will take a look at how to read music for guitar. Understanding written music (notation) for guitar allows you to firstly: take any piece of music for any instrument, and play it on guitar, and secondly, you can use some great composition techniques when writing music.

The Minor Pentatonic Scale

In this course we will cover the minor pentatonic in quite some depth, so that you can play it across the entire neck in any key, understand how it is constructed and how to apply it and also be able to improvise in it.

Baroque Tab Mega Pack

This is a set of bonus downloads of different baroque pieces, tabbed out for electric guitar.

Chords on Guitar

In this course we will cover exercises for improving your chord changes, as well as looking at a variety of useful chord shapes you can use on guitar.