2 String Sweep Picking

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How This Course Will Help You Finally Learn Sweep Picking

If you’re reading this, then it’s likely that you’ve been struggling to learn sweep picking.

You’ve been watching videos, reading about the technique and working on exercises, but for some reason, it just isn’t working.

Maybe you’ve wondered if the technique just “isn’t for you”?

I’m here to tell you that you can learn sweep picking. It is a skill just like any other, that anyone can learn.

Why You’ve Struggled

The thing is, the reason you’ve been struggling, it’s not your fault.

The reason you’ve been struggling is because no-one has shown you how to do sweep picking.

Now, I know what you’re thinking, “That’s not true, I’ve watched loads of videos on it now!”.

Here’s the things – ALL those videos were demonstrating sweep picking…

They weren’t teaching sweep picking.

All the exercises associated with those lessons were teaching you arpeggio shapes…

They weren’t teaching sweep picking.

As a result, you’ve probably learned a bunch of arpeggio shapes that you can play through… but you can’t sweep through.

Why This Course Is Different

So what makes this course different?

In this course were are going to study the technique behind sweep picking.

We will break down the exact motions that your hands need to make in order to sweep pick,

and then we will train on making those motions automatic.

We will look at exactly how the hands need to work together,

and then we will train on making those motions automatic.

We will look at what is scientifically the most efficient way possible of playing guitar, so that no effort is wasted in developing your technique to any extreme you want to take it to…

We will look at exactly how your hands need to move in order to have every single note ring out clearly, so that your audience can enjoy your skills and hear the notes that you are playing!

We will also set the correct expectations – having the wrong expectations leads to feeling like a failure and quitting. It’s natural.

If you felt like you were learning slower than everyone else, that everyone else learns faster than you… then you’re not going to feel great about practising and you’ll want to stop.

If you understand that it’s a process that takes time and that while you may be struggling, that’s normal and that’s to be expected… then you will keep going, keep practising and learn the technique.

We will walk you through how to set the correct expectations so that you have the right mindset and can push through any frustrations you have so that you can learn the technique.

What You Get

The course is broken into three sections:

  1. Foundation. In this section we break down the technique and train the fundamental motions that are the foundation of this technique. There is a series of videos that demonstrate exactly what you need to do, and you will be told exactly how to practice, how long to practice for, and how many days to practice before trying the next exercise.
  2. Application. In this section we take the foundational skills and apply them to playing through some arpeggio patterns. We keep things nice and slow and show you exactly how to play the patterns, what to focus on and how to practice them.
  3. Training. In this section you are given 4 workbooks of examples, around 24 pages in total, that give you lots and lots of exercises that you can use to train your new technique on. This will help drive the technique into your muscle memory, so that you can focus on higher level musical tasks.

Who Is This For?

This course is for anyone who wants to learn sweep picking, and is will to invest some time and patience into really studying, understanding and applying the technique.

Who Is This Not For?

This is not for people who give up early and don’t want to practice.

If you quit things quickly, then this course is not for you, it takes time for the techniques to settle into your muscle memory.

Why Two Strings and Not Three Strings… Four Strings… Five Strings…?

To really focus on the learning the technique, we want to isolate what we are focussing on.

If your brain is thinking about arpeggio shapes, adding legato; there is less space to focus on the fundamentals of the technique.

And once you nail the technique with two strings, expanding it to three, four and five strings is not too tricky at all.

14 Day Guarantee

If you think this course is not for you, then send an email to sam@study-guitar.com to get a no questions asked refund.

Your Instructor

Sam Russell has been teaching, performing and recording for over 15 years.

He has recorded two albums and composes rock and orchestral / classical music.

He has taught 100s of students and taught workshops and masterclasses across Europe.

His eBooks have been downloaded 1000s of times.

Sam’s approach to teaching is to break down complex techniques into bitesize and manageable pieces, then guiding the student through “assembling” those pieces into the full technique.

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